Medical Infrastructure
Short Stay Care Services Our hospitals have a dedicated unit which is allocated for short-stay care services and day-care services, wherein overnight stay is not necessary. The look and feel of the place and the environment plays an important role in augmenting the recovery process of the patients and the day-care services unit at our hospitals ensures every possible measure to provide the patient-centric and pleasing environment. A. Day-care Surgeries Advancement in minimally invasive surgical techniques, effective pain management strategies and their implementation, new developments in anesthesiology and state-of-the-art day-care facilities at the center are the contributing factors for increasing the popularity of day-care surgeries. Patients who undergo day-care surgeries usually donít get admitted to the hospital wards as they get discharged within a day after undergoing the procedure. State-of-the-art operation theatres well equipped with excellent monitoring systems, cutting-edge gadgets, experienced and trained personnel, latest diagnostic technology including 3T MRI, 128 slice PT scan, arthroscopy techniques and minimally invasive keyhole surgeries along with excellent post-operative care and superior pain management capabilities help patientsí recover within a short span of time. Whenever a patient is referred to our daycare surgery facility, we ensure that the patient has had adequate information about the procedure and is well prepared for it. Moreover, all the risks associated with the surgery and anesthesia will be minimized and the need for inpatient admission following day surgery will be quite negligible. Next, we will also ensure post-surgical care. Advantages of Day Care Centre Cost-effective care Dedicated nurses and competent staff Expert technicians Experienced and trained consultants Discharge is possible in a day Faster recovery Comfort and convenience for family members & friends Small incisions and minimum scars Less post-operative complications Less painful procedures Least stay in the hospital Risks associated with anesthesia are less Post-operative recovery is quick The possibility of performing activities within a few hours of surgery Least stay means fewer chances of hospital-acquired infections Walking is possible after a few hours of surgery Early resumption of work and other activities Some of the surgeries included in the day-care procedures are: ENT Procedures include: Septorhinoplasty, Myringoplasty, Myringotomy, and Insertion of Grommet, Tympanotomy Direct laryngoscopy and biopsy Stone extraction from Submandibular Salivary gland Excision of Papilloma Earlobe prick Excision biopsy Anterior nasal packing Nasal Endoscopy Gland biopsy Posterior nasal packing Ear wax removal Examination under anesthesia Suturing pinna Foreign body removal nose Punch biopsy Furuncle excision Antrostomy Myringotomy Incision and drainage Antral wash General Surgery includes Catheterisation Suturing Carbuncle excision Depomedrol injection Lymph node biopsy Circumcision Eversion of sac Gland biopsy Intercostal drainage Suprapubic cystostomy Cystoscopy Breast lump excision Incision and drainage Wart excision Sebaceous cyst excision C.V.P. line insertion Nephrology Procedures include AV-fistula for Dialysis Dialysis Ophthalmology Procedures include IOL +/- Phaco Cataract Surgeries Dacryocystectomy Neurology Procedures include Endoscopic Procedures Shunt Insertions Orthopedic Procedures include Fracture reduction with POP cast Dupuytren's Contracture release Simple Fasciotomy Arthroscopy Shoulder, Knee, Ankle ACL Reconstruction PCL Reconstruction Arthroscopic Loose Body Removal Arthroscopic Meniscal Repair- Meniscectomy Implant Removal ORIF Wrist, Elbow ORIF Forearm Fracture Carpal Tunnel Release De Quervain's Release Trigger Finger Release Intraarticular injection Minor Amputation Vascular Surgery Varicose Veins AV Fistula Urology Bladder Stone Removal Cystoscopy URS with DJ Stenting (Unilateral) ESWL Hypospadias Circumcision Obstetrics /Gynaecology Dilatation and evacuation Suction & evacuation of the uterus Gartner cyst excision Incision and drainage Colposcopy biopsy Fractional curettage Drainage of vulval hematoma Dilatation and curettage M.T.P with copper T Uterine inversion Cervical biopsy / Vulval/ Vaginal biopsy Episiotomy repair CPT repair Obstetrics /Gynaecology Varicose Veins Other vascular interventions CT / USG guided procedures B. Endoscopic Procedures Gastrointestinal Upper GI endoscopy Lower GI endoscopy ERCP Other interventions Pulmonology EBUS Fiberoptic bronchoscopy Biopsies Other interventions