Medical Infrastructure
Telemedicine Service Our hospitals provide Telemedicine services by means of IT and communication technologies to those people for whom distance is a barrier. Such advanced technologies are used for exchanging valid information pertaining to diseases and other health issues for in-time intervention and for the benefit of healthcare professionals through continuing medical education. The main objective of telemedicine services is to provide needed health-related information or any other medical information by all possible channels including internet e-mails, chat, skype, video call or by means of graphics, CDs, audios, videos and all the available forms of transfer methods. This will ensure quick transfer of information between the patients and healthcare professionals, hospitals, healthcare facilities that are located in distant places and remote areas. Medical reviews by health experts, consultants and specialists help in integrating the surgical and medical expertise of physicians and specialists doctors by means of mobile phones, laptops, computers, tabs and internet for timely diagnosis, consultation, and prevention of diseases. We strive to standardize the techniques of telemedicine and mobile-based video consultation.